Le Gorvello

This village of character built by the Knights Templar, now straddling the towns of Theix and Sulniac, on the edge of the Rhuys Peninsula, will surprise you with its rich heritage. While walking in the footsteps of the pilgrims of Saint Jacques of Compostela, you can discover two buildings listed in the inventory of Historic Monuments: the Church of St. John the Baptist of Gorvello and its fountain and also the Chapel Saint-Roch, built in 1604 in the cemetery of the parish, remarkable with its sculpted sandpits and frescoes.

Take the opportunity to browse the network of marked trails on foot, horseback, or mountain bike, and contemplate its summer bloom and heritage highlighted at night by fairy lighting.

And its surroundings...

Discover the surroundings and the medieval town of Vannes, the gulf of Morbihan and its islands or the incredible Rhuys Peninsula surrounded by both the peaceful waters of the Gulf and the Atlantic Ocean.

Plessis-Josso : (at 5min) On the road of Surzur, medieval manor typical of Britain. You can visit it during summer.

Vannes : (at 15min) Must be seen: the battlements, the old city, the cathedral, the Saint-Pattern district, the port..

Séné and St Armel : (at 20min) Visit the natural reserve with its different birds, taste the true gochial (brioche) in a local bakery, savour oysters at the passage and then end your day with a walk in one of the many cute sites around the gulf as Moustérian, Port-Anna or Montsarrac.

Discover the Gulf islands: Ile aux moines, Ile d’arz, Houat, Hoedic.

Relax yourself at the beach, the one of the Rhuys Peninsula are numerous and manifold (Penvins, Landrezac, Beg Lann, Suscinio, le Roaligen…)

Le port du Crouesty and Arzon : (at 30min) Very touristic and so many shops. For a calmer site, you rather choose Port-Navalo, Pen Castel, Bilgroix and their coastal paths (32km!)

The port of St Goustan in Auray : (at 30min) Old port with narrow streets, artisans and restaurants.

Quiberon : (1h) Reserve your day and come back after 22h to avoid trafic. Peninsula including amazing creeks with beach access, and huge beach all along the seaside resort : you will obviously find yours!

and also: The city of Lorient, known for its “inter celtic” Festival in August, Pont-Aven, Rochefort en terre, Guérande, the zoo of Branféré, the magic forest of Brocéliande and its mythes…