Life in the Café

The shows in the Café

Café de Pays Bretagne concerts

Programme : 2nd quarter 2019


Life at the café

Le petit café dans la prairie is labelled “Café de pays”. The cafe owner is an ambassador of its land and its products. He should offer a warm welcome in offering touristic information but also promote the meeting between foreigner customers and local population through cultural animations.

Each friday night, Le Petit Cafe remains open to greet artists for live music, jam sessions, improvisiational theater or stand-up shows …

However the life at Le petit café is also made of board game party, sport broadcasts, associative meeting…

And here you can also play darts or breton bowls.

Price, booking and programme

For most of the shows, the artists are paid with the receipts. The price could be free or fixed. In case of free price, remember the price of a cigarette packet, a cinema ticket or a cheese burger. Thanks for them.

To be sure to get a seat, we recommend you to mail at Your seat will be booked until 15 minutes before the beginning of the show. You can also order cold cuts for dinner.

If you would like to play music on the stage of the Petit Café,please contact us by mail at

You can stay inform of what’s happen here by following us on social medias or by sending us your email address.