The project

“Develop a restaurant-concert, was my dream when I was 20. Years have passed but it’s never too late to embody your dreams.”



Passionate about music, cinema, sports and gastronomy

Little chronology of the project

July 2017 – Birth of the project

February 2018 – Start of the crowfunding

Late march – Making of the grocery

march 30 – Opening of the coffee shop

april 8 – End of the crowfunding

Beginning of april – Construction of the stage

april 13 – Inauguration party

april 27 – First concert




The project was to resume an existing country coffee but in decline and threatened because waiting for a buyer for a long time.

The idea is not to make this coffee a simple place of consumption but to create, as it was in the past, a place of life and meeting, in this marvelous village located in both Sulniac and Theix.

The territory urbanization brings rural spaces to re- organize themselves in order to preserve their local life. So it’s about maintaining local commerce which offers now a grocery and work side by side with local productors. The aim is also to connect with people around different animations and activities, and to make this place a site where one can meet his friends, his family while drinking and sharing a moment of relaxation and culture. This place will also fits to associations searching for a location to hold a meeting. The project took shape with a crowfunding that collected 4000€ thanks to 120 participants. Our goal is to make this adventure continue by creating a dynamism in Le Gorvello.


Pass in the coffee shop, discover this singular place, drink a beer and make this place yours!